• Burden of otitis media and related hearing loss (CHL, as well as SNHL)
  • Panel or debate on clinical practice guidelines globally instead of plenaries – The need for world unification for disease diagnosis and treatment
  • OM in developed versus developing nations
  • Pathogenesis of OM, including animal models, genetics
  • Risk factors for OM, including otitis media in syndromic children and hearing loss sequelae in this population
  • Biofilms in OM
Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Diagnosis of OM- new techniques (US, telemedicine)
  • Medical treatment of OM
  • Surgical management of OM
  • Complications of OM – intra/extra cranial
  • Complementary and alternative medicine for OM, including bacterial replacement therapy
  • New technology development in OM
  • Cochlear Implants and OM
Basic Science
  • OM genetics
  • Inflammatory mediators in OM
Socio-economic Aspects
  • Quality of life in OM
  • Interventions for developmental delays and hearing loss
  • The hearing impaired child :audiological battery, fitting of hearing aids
  • New technologies for hearing restoration
Local Aspects
  • Israeli-Palestinian joint venture to reduce OM burden
  • Local epidemiology among Jewish and non-Jewish populations
  • Baby Wellness Clinics (Tipat Halav): A unique model for childhood vaccinations
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